Thou Art an Elect Lady

Michelle E. Thompson

Thou art an individual, a child of God;
with stream of consciousness, dreams and ideals;
with a divine role and priceless experience.

Thou art a woman, with charity and chastity;
with morality as your shield and kindness as your sword,
you live an example for your peers.

Thou art a daughter, with honesty and integrity,
a friendly and peaceful sibling.  You cherish your
love for everyone and for the truth.

Thou art a mother, who stands firm;
teaching nobility, virtue and to love the Lord,
raising future leaders and warriors with faith and hope.

Thou art a wife, an eternal companion who deems sacred
eternal covenants and blessings.  With a desire
to share and receive love, responsibility, and respect.

Thou art an Elect lady, with goals and a compass to
lead the way, with a character made of pure knowledge;
a courageous and compassionate being.

Thou art a daughter of God.




                          Copyright Michelle Thompson 2011