Michelle Thompson

I remember how you used to be
a soft word or a kindly deed
you used to take me to soccer games
we used to laugh, we used to play
wed sing at the piano, for weddings, for shows
questions about scripture, daddy knows
a harsh remark and resulting tears
a swift apology, happy years

you worked so hard, you sacrificed
you loved to learn and read and write
a humble home, a simple style
a stubborn heart, a gentle smile
you knew my weakest points but still
you let me choose, my own free will
I learned so much, you never knew
your pride, and expectations too

I laugh at how I used to be
yet somehow I know that inside of me

I find a part of you so bold
and in my heart Ill forever hold
memories of our family, you and I
the single time I saw you cry

I know that underneath our fears
we forget the sweet times of past years
so with frustration and fate alone
patience is dull but faith never grows old.

I love you




                          Copyright Michelle Thompson 2011