Arizona State University State Press
by Michelle Hardt (Thompson)

 Feminism is deterrent to chivalry 1/21/97 
Prior knowledge of gene defects may have ugly consequences 1/28/97
 Patience is a virtue earned 2/4/97
Domestic violence feeds on silence 2/11/97
“Quality family time replaced by fast-paced world” 2/18/97
Aggressive drivers lead on-road concerns 3/4/97
Homogeneous world makes a boring place 3/7/97
Getting most from life involves risk 3/11/97
Age of child's innocence being replaced by age of technology 3/25/97
Positive actions result from attitude 4/7/97
'Spring Fever' has found its way to campus and love is in 'bloom' 4/9/97 
Working hard is worth the challenge when benefits of struggle can be seen 4/14/97
Living with autism allows better appreciation of simplest blessings 4/28/97 
Life is too short to miss the roses

The Douglas Daily Dispatch

by Michelle Thompson

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