Taming The Wind

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Her family is gone. Her dreams are drifting away.
Her life is being blown by the wind… 

At fifteen, Claire’s too young to deal with anything more than school, soccer, and friends. But when a horrific car accident takes the lives of her parents and siblings, Claire feels like it’s all her fault. Still injured physically and emotionally, she’s forced to move in with her estranged grandparents and begin a new life in their
small Colorado farm town. 

There she meets Jesse, a handsome neighbor she can’t help falling for. But just as she begins to find happiness again, Claire realizes she’ll have to face the demons in her past before she can ever hope to truly move on. 

This poignant debut novel from Michelle Thompson tells of one girl’s struggle to find meaning in the midst of tragedy and will draw you in from the very first page. Join Claire as she learns to embrace the winds of change and find love,
faith, and hope for the future.

How this novel came to pass...
After several sleepless nights, while a storyline played out in her mind,
Michelle finally decided to write down what she was picturing in her head. 
As the story evolved, she began to see the prospects of a completed novel. 
Thanks to the encouragement of family and friends, the novel was completed and published.




                           Copyright © Michelle Thompson 2011