Calming the Storm 

The sequel to Taming the Wind is now available!

The snow swirled around, chilling me emotionally and physically. I tried to hold on to every
last bit of her energy and essence. And then they closed the doors.

She was gone. 

Jesse will soon be home from his mission and Claire has been faithfully waiting for him. She is a recent convert to the church and has blossomed while he has been away preaching the gospel. Chaos swirls around Claire as she struggles with the expected return of Jesse and as her Grandmotherís health slips away a little more each day. What she doesnít expect is how much this uncertainty and the loss of her Grandma can cause a storm to brew in her soul. Just like the wind of change that she fought to tame when she first met Jesse, this storm keeps growing within her, forcing her to loosen her firm grip on hope. 

She has always been the damsel in distress and Jesse has always been there for her. But everyone she loves has been taken from her one by one, and she canít bear to lose Jesse too. Will he propose? Will it be too late? Join Claire as her journey continues, as she learns about herself and her faith, and whether or not she has enough hope to be there for Jesse when he needs her the most.

How this novel came to pass...
After many requests, and after forgetting that she does not like sequels, Michelle decided that of course,
the story of Claire and Jesse from Taming the Wind continues on! 
Calming the Storm is Michelle's 3rd novel, and was released December 18, 2013.




                         Copyright © Michelle Thompson 2011